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Легкий и эффективный старт учебного года преподавателя
28 августа 10.00-14.00 по МСК

>>> Это первое событие для преподавателей, организованное Языковой Студией Welcome. Наша Студия регулярно проводит тренинги и мастер-майнды для руководителей учебных центров, а теперь настало время поделиться нашим преподавательским опытом, методическими разработками и находками.

Experienced and practicing teachers with international qualifications from Cambridge University

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Medintsova Raisa
Dmitrieva Anna
Gribkova Karina
Chalova Ekaterina
Chelnokova Natalia

открытая академия welcome 2023

Всё событие будет на английском

Medintsova Raisa
My name is Medintsova Raisa and I have been working as a teacher at Language Studio Welcome for 2 years. I have finished MSRU and I am also a master of the MCPU. I have passed 3 TKT modules and don't intend to stop there!
Dmitrieva Anna
: I am a passionate teacher and methodologist. I have experience in developing and organizing various quizzes, quests, workshops and masterclasses, summer camp programs for YL and teens. Since 2018, I have been in charge of British School project at Language Studio Welcome.
Gribkova Karina
The forthcoming year is going to be fifth in my teaching career. During all this time, I have worked with a wide range of age groups within different contexts. This experience has helped to understand my learners' needs more and motivated me to study as well attending numerous conferences and webinars, obtaining different Cambridge qualifications (CAE, TKT, CELT-PT) help me and my learners reach their goals.
Chalova Ekaterina
I have been working as an English teacher for 4 years and during all this time I have had a chance to work with different age groups within the different contexts. This experience helps me to understand my learners better and motivates me to improve my teaching skills by attending numerous conferences and webinars and obtaining different qualifications (CAE, TKT, Trinity CertPT)
Chelnokova Natalia
My background includes planning and delivering lessons to children of different ages. I specialize in working with VYLs, developing lesson plans and teaching materials, assessing teachers' lessons and providing Art lessons for primary Ss. Moreover, I am an author of numerous Summer Camp Programmes.
Conference Program
10:00 – 10:10
Event opening
10:10 – 10:50
«Building successful CPD for teachers: strategies and ideas»
Chalova (Gerasimova) Ekaterina
In the modern world effective teaching depends a lot on the methods and approaches that we, as English teachers, use in order to help our learners achieve success. Getting inspiration and grasping new knowledge is one of the key moving force that drives teachers into developing their career. In my talk we are going to explore how we can improve our skills and look through some of the ideas for CPD.

10:50 – 11:30
«Planning as a multi-purpose tool for teachers»
Gribkova Karina
In my session I am going to talk about the importance of having a plan for teachers. This simple tool can be implemented in many teaching spheres: from a lesson plan to a course plan, from planning your day to planning your year. Why not master it in just 40 minutes?
11:30 – 12:10
«Games in my pocket»
Chelnokova Natalia
It is often quite difficult to start a year with fruitful and engaging activities for your students, which require minimum preparation. What about to use Tools from your "pocket" and keep your students on their toes during the lesson?
In this session I will tell you about 7 outstanding ideas, which will make your year! Join in!
12:10 – 12:20
Coffee break
12:20 – 13:00
«AI tools: How to save time and effort for teachers»
Medintsova Raisa
We will discuss how AI Twee can help teachers:

- to create lesson plans, worksheets, quizzes, and other materials that are tailored to the individual needs of their students;
- to create engaging activities and exercises that promote active learning and critical thinking;
- to suggest relevant vocabulary and grammar structures for a specific topic or level of proficiency.

If you want to save your time, improve teaching effectiveness, and enhance students' language proficiency -Twee is the best tool to use.

13:00 – 13:40
«Explore your creativity: organize extracurricular classes as easy as pie»
Dmitrieva Anna
In this talk we'll discuss what kind of extracurricular activities are the best in and outside your classroom. We'll see their value for us as teachers and our students as well. I'll give a step-by-step guide how to start your own English project, which setbacks you may face and how to deal with them
13:40 – 14:00
Event closing



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